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Storage Box

Exquisite color shape and large capacity, can be used for storing and collecting objects, and can sort some objects


Easy to carry and easy to carry, suitable for short-distance travel straps, can be used to put some small items in daily life, high wear resistance and tear resistance, good water resistance

Cushion Blanket

Blanket, pillow, dual-use, blanket material is soft and comfortable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, four seasons universal winter warm summer cold, water wash does not fade, not easy to hair ball, non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Pencil Case

Personalized design, good quality and durable, and not limited to the placement of stationery, easy to carry

Tissue Box

An exquisite tissue box can be used not only for storing paper towels, but also as a delicate decoration, with a beautiful appearance and fine workmanship.

Phone Bag

Can store mobile phones, cosmetics and other favorite products, easy to carry

Greeting Mascot

You can open the product, write the wishes and the thoughts you want to express on the card, and then send it to the person you love. The accessories on the head are not included. You need to purchase separately.

Greeting Mascot Accessory

Hats, small ear accessories with magnets can add fun to the blessing of small ornaments