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Easy to take mini notes, efficient notes, memo list, simple and light pages, a variety of styles

Coin Bank

Panda-shaped money box, smug and practical Super cute little panda toy, best for children's birthday gift


Pure cotton small square towel is soft and smooth, comfortable to wear, many styles of materials are high-grade and more personal. Easy to carry, small hanging space

Cushion Blanket

Blanket, pillow, dual-use, blanket material is soft and comfortable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, four seasons universal winter warm summer cold, water wash does not fade, not easy to hair ball, non-toxic and environmentally friendly


1, light and convenient to take 2, toughness is not easy to bad quality 3, high-grade and durable, using 20 silk thick PP material, imported ink, no color, advanced equipment and production technology, to ensure that the printing effect is exquisite, reliable quality. The new ultrasonic automatic ironing technology makes the folder more firm and durable. The right semi-circular opening makes it easier to open the folder and use. The triangular opening will increase the turning angle and make it more convenient and durable. PP material is waterproof and does not wet documents

Magnetic Bookmark

Cute panda combination magnetic magnet bookmark, the new flash magnet sticker has more personality, can be firmly attached to the inner page of the book, not easy to fall off, easy to mark when reading

Tote Bag

Good quality and durable, beautiful and environmentally friendly, with different straps, can be hand-held, can also be slanted back, shoulder strap can adjust the length


Panda coloring pen, can be seen, good and durable, a variety of styles